Insurance Questions & Answers

Have questions about your existing insurance coverage or perhaps you’re looking to acquire a new policy? We’ve accumulated some of the more commonly asked questions relating to auto insurance, health insurance, home insurance and life insurance.

Most Recent Auto Insurance Questions

What will happen if damages incurred is above the amount estimated? 
What’s the worth of my car today?
Should a police report be filed for my existent claim to get covered? 
Are authentic automobile parts used in repairing my car?
Should I insure my old car?
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Most Recent Health Insurance Questions

What is open enrollment all about and why is it really important?
Will my Doctor change if my health insurance changes? 
What should I take into consideration when purchasing a health insurance plan? 
How do I know if my prescription drug is covered by my health insurance plan?
Is dental care included in the health insurance?
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Most Recent Home Insurance Questions

Does home insurance cover damages caused by natural disasters like fire, storms, lightning, theft, vandalism, smoke and explosions?
If a house is destroyed completely and it is insured for $200,000, is that enough to cover the expenses in rebuilding the house?
Can jewelry be insured?
Are damages caused by pipe bursts covered by home insurance? 
Are damages caused by flood covered by home insurance?
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Most Recent Life Insurance Questions

What is term life lnsurance?
What is Whole life insurance?
What is universal life insurance?
What is return of premium life insurance?
What is guaranteed Issue life insurance?
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Auto Insurance Resources

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